Daily Horoscope 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

Aries Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

It is wise to solve your own issues before you plunge into solving other people’s issues. You have a secret fear drumming inside your heart that you might lose yourself in the crowd. Face your fears head on. You are blindly walking in search of happiness in your relationship. However, the peace of heart, happiness of life and serenity of mind can be found in one’s inner self only.

Taurus Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

Your rigidity and inflexibility could create unnecessary troubles for you despite the fact that you are facing warning signals everywhere you go. You might find yourself agitated at even a small nuance. Check yourself before you plunge headfirst into any petty power struggle. Take a wise move and decide whether it will be best to defend or let it go.

Gemini Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

Your long held personal beliefs could come up and show their ugly rear heads as waves of self-doubt awash you. This could stop you midway and threaten the flow of your flourishing creativity. Free yourself from any such past chains and indulge happily in interacting with everyone.

Cancer Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

Keeping your personal opinions while entertaining everyone’s perspective at the same time is becoming complicated today. However, your current uncertainty doesn’t reflect your instability; it just tells that you are more resilient as compared to others. Do not let your needs be pushed aside by anyone’s feelings. Strike a healthy balance here. You will need to build a strong foundation first as you ready to go with the flow.

Leo Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

New doorways are opening before you in your quest for love and romance. However, your journey will soon show you that the biggest obstacle in your path is your own overwhelming pride. You have the courage for bestowing unlimited love and affection on others. Be confident; you can improve your relationships simply by sharing what’s in your heart.

Virgo Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

You are not willing to follow the rules today as you are doubtful that you might fall back on the progress you are making at the present. You are getting new, useful information from everywhere regarding your important projects. If one thing doesn’t work, take a different approach. A proper, methodical approach could help your greatly in your projects now.

Libra Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

A dilemma had been brewing around you, which has trapped you today in a big way, and there seems no way out. You might get a sudden breakthrough but that too won’t help you out. Keep moving forward in your own vulnerability, and probably you will come out stronger. Your emotional authenticity at the face of vulnerability will save you from the trouble.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

You are strangely disconnected from your innermost feelings; however that doesn’t surprise you. You are comfortable and happy as being on a short term vacation from your intense inner world. There is no need to worry as you won’t lose or miss out on anything. Your passion will come back to you soon.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

Today, you are flying high with your over the top optimism so much so that people are passing you warning signals to take life little bit seriously. If something unpleasant pops up in your observation, do communicate it with your peers. There is no need to maintain the optimistic, cavalier appearance while ignoring the disappointments. Being honest is the motto for today.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

You are too low on energy department as you are just dragging along the day. Your juggling between too many tasks has drained you off all excess energy leaving you weak and dull. The solution for your physical discomfort lies in spiritual realms. Take a retreat, pray and allow your body/mind/spirit some rest and deep silence. If you do so, you will have gained enormous strength by tomorrow.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

You are riding on the emotional rollercoaster throughout the day as your moods fluctuate too much. Your changeability is bringing irritation to others. Nevertheless, it is important to express your mood as it is. It might offend some people, while making some resistant towards you. However, keep transparency in your dealings. Gradually, your peers will understand you.

Pisces Daily Horoscope: 18-Nov-15 (Wednesday)

The day is crowded with old, all too-familiar issues that need deep contemplation and a wise handling. You are not in mood to talk about your feelings and explain what you are going through. What is important is that you handle these past issues graciously without plunging into depressive air, and solve them once for all. Pick up courage; that will take you a long way towards a better future ahead.