Daily Horoscope 10-Oct-2015


People are on their aggressive edge today so keep your defenses in position. Also your own heightened sensitivity could make you take someone’s advice as criticism. There is no need to take anything personally; remaining flexible in thinking is the motive for today.


You are so much focused on the tiny details of the project that you could lose sight of the bigger picture. People around you might get bit uncomfortable for your perfectionism today. But progress seems to be far away from your grasp. Don’t worry, you will gain momentum on coming days.


You might not get support from your friends as you had expected today, but their concern is for your own good. Don’t make promises or commitments now that you can’t fulfill later. You might have good intentions but your intentions might not save the promises from being broken tomorrow against the forces of nature.


You might be trying to justify your position to others in vain. Remaining true to self is more important than proving your stance to others. Instead of making everyone else comfortable, bring peace and comfort in your inner self.


Today you could end up chasing your own tail without accomplishing much of the work. The environment around you is proving to be distracting today, as again and again you run to multiple directions. Practice self-restraint as that would help you strictly focused on one track.


Think twice before deciding on anything today. Stay careful when it comes to buying or acquiring something as today you can’t seem to sort out facts properly. Seek advice from someone you trust and someone who is experienced in directing you in decision process.


Time to get half done work complete today! You are done with the talking part now, as you roll up your sleeves, sit down and get off finishing the tasks one by one. Your words carry power today so, make sure you don’t waste them in self-criticism.


Your fantasies instead of your logic could save your day today and untangle your from a murky situation. You might not find all the answers to a complex situation but your good intentions coupled with your persistence could make you a success story.


You feel like today you are paying for the bad decisions you have made in the past along with the past mistakes. But don’t worry, as with time you are gaining crystal clarity in your thoughts. So, before speaking gather and assemble properly your thoughts and say exactly what you want to express.


Your feelings are like a whirlpool today, although you are not overwhelmed like others. Look to others with authority how they form the decisions instead to responding impulsively and regretting it later. Let your unstable emotions first gain some amount of stability only then set out to complete any task.


You might see it clearly how the plans you have once made fell apart slowly. But the plan wreckage is over now as mercury finishes its retrograde today, and tornado of ideas as a result could set your off suddenly to a new direction. Gather the ideas, pluck out the best ones and discard the rest and together start forming a successful strategy.


You are yearning for progress and any forward movement, but the growing impatience could stop your progress today. It will be difficult to go along with anyone who has different goals from you. Your endeavors will gain success in coming days as your thinking grows sharper.