Creating your reality!

This card reminds you gently that you create your reality. You need to look beyond the veil of illusion that your current limitations are projecting. If you are feeling trapped with no path forward, then don’t forget that this too is a perspective that can be lifted.

Don’t choose victimhood. Choose to raise your personal power. You can free yourself from your shackles and shift your reality by accepting that you are the only one person who is responsible for your happiness.

“We are never really stuck.” Nurture your soul and spend time to transmute any feelings of helplessness.
Even though we can’t control every experience occurring in our life, we can definitely control how we respond to it. Let go of old stories, be vigilant of any wallowing and low-vibe thoughts that you might be holding onto.

Reframe your bitter experiences as tough lessons and focus anew on creating happy outcomes.