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Today’s Planet Forecast

The position and movement of planets in and out of any astrological sign greatly impacts that sign, and helps shaping the situation in lives of the people corresponding to that sign.

We enlist here which planet is in which astrological sign at present and what it means:


Mercury in Libra: 27 August, 2015 to 1 November, 2015

Libra is all about bringing peace and harmony, overcoming all sorts of differences, smoothening communication, and building bridges between different people. Mercury is the communication planet and so, it suits well the sign of Libra ─ an air element related to mind and communication.

The presence of Mercury in Libra will soften the communication between two parties so as to bring back the harmony. These are the great times to heal the past wounds which were created by misunderstandings or differing perspectives.

The challenge that this period presents is a Libran’s tendency to become overnice even to extent of foreshadowing the expressing of truth. Expressing the opposing viewpoints with gentleness and respect is the best way to maintain harmony and deepen the relationships.