Cancer Personality Traits- Understanding The Mystery Of Cancerians – The Secret Keeper Of Zodiac

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Born between June 21 and July 22, the Zodiac sign of Cancer belongs to the Water
element. Being an water element, Cancerians are extremely emotional and intense people. They are also very intuitive and compassionate.

Their intuition and the truths they learn from deep inside of their system is almost always spot-on. They understand how people work! However they are very quick to hide their compassionate nature, depicted from the hard shell of a crab.

It’s not that they are emotional fool and will get melted upon seeing just anyone in low situation! It’s hard to fool a Cancerian as they will catch your every false movement through their internal lie-detector intuition.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and their connection with lunar energies is strong, the waxing and waning moon has a direct impact on their moods. This quality also makes them quite enigmatic and draws others to them.

You can learn about their loony and crazy mood swings in advance by tapping with the lunar cycle!

Let’s understand the mysteriousness and mysticism of these wonderful Cancer Zodiac Sign.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Fine Personality Traits and Types


Cancerians are extremely loyal to the people they love, to the extent that they get blinded by their ever-growing affection for them. They will overlook all their faults and forgive their sins.

However the same level of intense love and unwavering loyalty that they offer to their loved ones is expected by them in return.

If they don’t get it in equal measures, they can get pretty depressed about it.
On negative side, their intense love can be for some people too much to handle. In case you are looking for total privacy and space, you can’t get it with a ancerian.

For them, the idea of having one’s space or keeping privacy is insane. They are too dissolved in love to realize that somebody can ever need these things in life. ☹

Psychic and Intuitive

Cancerians have an almost supernatural sense of intuition – They have their psychic antennas all time reaching high towards the heavens. Don’t try to manipulate them or lie to them for the moment you will be doing this crazy stuff, they will FEEL it right in their bones.

Their instinctive ability to sniff a secret out of your mind’s deep dark tunnel is excellent! However this super sensitivity at times makes them paranoid and distrustful of others. On the worse side, some Cancerian's start believing that the whole world is out there to cheat on them. ☹


When the moon is full and the tide is high, you will then get to see a jolly, magical and wonderful Cancerian. Depending upon their mood, Cancerians can be a wonderful companion to have by one’s side.

They can be extremely charming, passionate in love, adventurous, funny and indulgent. They love sex and pour all their mind, soul and energy into the sensuous game of love.

However if you hurt them or a Cancerian gets hurt on their own prejudices due to their paranoid and distrustful nature, they become exact contrary to their lovely nature. You won’t really like them for this change. They become extremely rude, disrespectful; their words cut like sword. They get to manipulate you then quite fiercely! ☹


Childhood memories are treasure for most Cancerians. In this regard they are very sentimental, to the extent that they will keep in their room the years ago gifts of their school friends, photos of their exes, their baby photos, their dream journals etc. Depending upon the lunar cycle they keep getting nostalgic about their old friends and mates.

The place where a Cancerian was born and grew up is a treasure haven for him/her; it’s like an emotional cocoon. Whenever they get wounded by the world, it is this very cocoon in which they disappear and re-discover themselves.

They remember everything – both beautiful and ugly incidences! If a Cancerian is hurt by you, they will cut you off their life and will always remember the pain by maintaining a steady grudge against you for the entire life. You will get to see a new Cancerian then – A dark,vengeful villain hellbent on revenge, Crab! ☹

Cancerians are beautiful people with wonderful personalities. These people like to live their life with passionate and intense relationships. They know how to love somebody with all of their soul. Is it so wrong then to expect the same intensity and Love from the One you Love?

It might get at times tiring to handle all that intensity that they come with in your life, but believe me it’s truly rewarding! Life spent with a Cancerian is though full of emotional highs and lows, heavenly beautiful nonetheless…