Cancer Horoscope 2020 – What does the year 2020 has in store for you?

Cancer General Overview

The new year 2020 is going to bring success in your endeavours and reward your hard works. Year 2020, Moon occupies your 8th House. You need to take good care of your health. Take proper diet and exercise regularly.

Your 6th House is occupied by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu. This period will create multitude avenues of success stories for you. For those who are considering to compete will see success. Saturn this year will bless your patience and hard work.

For people in sports area and theatrics, the planets will favour you. This is a good time to enter competitions. Many opportunities await you this year. Do not mistake for depending solely upon your luck. Only your hard work and capabilities will get you rewards that you deserve.

Jupiter and Saturn in 2020

Through the change of Saturn on 24th January, your chances of change and growth in business and at work are maximum. The change of Saturn will bring much needed stability and growth in your career. On 30th March, Jupiter moves into Capricorn, which will solidify your plans for personal life as well as at work. 

On 11th May Saturn goes retrograde. This can cause unexpected delays and obstacles at your workplace. You might need to put your plans on hold. Saturn turns again progressive on 29th September and all your delays will disappear. Life will turn back normal.

Jupiter turns retrograde on 14th May, bringing fruition to all your hard work. Jupiter’s vision in your 7th House will also bring improvement in your health.

On 30th June, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and you need to be wary again regarding your health. You might face digestive problems. On 13th September, Jupiter turns progressive. You will soon start enjoying auspicious times regarding your luck, health and wealth. On 20th November, Jupiter moves back to Capricorn, but not before blessing you for your hard work.

Rahu in 2020

Rahu shifts to Taurus in 11th position on 23rd September. This is your House of profit and fortune. You are on your way to immense gain of wealth and abundance!

Sanjay Upadhyay: