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Clutter Free House: Easy hacks to make house clutter free

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Many people have the habit of storing old things even when they know they wouldn’t need this stuff in the future. It is hard for people to let go of not only material things in their house but also non- material things in their life. However Vaastu suggests that keeping old, useless things in one’s space leads to “clutter”, which has very negative consequences in life. Clutter first of all blocks the healthy flow of energy that is very harmful to the key balance. Furthermore it casts harmful effects on our mind and body.

What is Clutter

What is Clutter?

“Clutter” is created by piling up of old, broken things which are not in use anymore. Anything remaining from the past which is of no use to us is part of clutter. Additionally anything which is a past remnant or residual from what is no more in existence and which works only in further evoking negative memories and thus causing us pain is also a part of “clutter”.

If you take a sweeping look across in your home you will find lots of junk like old clothes, boxes, bottles, newspapers, bags, shoes, cartons etc.

Each and every item in our house emits energy. Old, useless and broken items stored for indefinite period of time blocks the energy flow in and around the house. As per the Feng Shui experts, even the old wedding albums and video also form clutter.

What are the negative effects of Clutter House?

Below todayastrology have compiled the list of negative effects which clutter has upon the people living in that space. You will be surprised to find how many ill-symptoms you too are suffering from that heap of old bottles and cartons in your basement.

Headaches and Tension Because of too many useless things lying around in the house, it weighs heavy on head and creates unexplainable tension in body.
Negativity When our space is a state of total disorder and chaos due to the cluttered objects, it induces negativity in us. You feel irritated most of the times and are unable of doing things at the right time.
Lack of Clarity and Unexpected Planning When large amounts of old and unnecessary objects occupy living space, mysteriously very less space remains in our minds too leading to lack of clarity. When we are not clear while taking certain decisions that results in unexpected or delayed execution of our plans.
Clumsiness People get clumsy in their life when their house is full with old, useless and broken items. They are clumsy in behaviour and different fields of their life also depict total mess.
Lack of Harmony Clutter at home leads to lack of harmony between family members. More and more disagreements, fights and lack of understanding start taking place giving birth to contempt in heart and chaos in mind.
A Feeling of Insecurity You keep storing old and useless things because you think you might need them someday. It results in greed for material things. With time fear of losing things creeps up on you and you become insecure in regard to not only non living things but also living things like people in your life.
Laziness, Procrastination and Obesity Clutter in house blocks you too from receiving positive energy. Lack of positivity and lack of clarity in mind makes you incapable of meeting positive decisions. You turn lazy and procrastinate things helping the pile of old stuck things grow up and create more negativity.

To get rid of the overwhelming negativity you must start de-cluttering your space and throw out all the unnecessary, old and useless items lying around in your home.

how to keep house clutter free?

Sometimes when too much negativity caused by clutter all around us pulls us down, we become incapable to think straight and take steps towards de-clutter and cleanse our space.

Hence it is advised to start the process of de-cluttering step by step. The best way of tackling this problem is de-cluttering your house in small quantity and taking one small portion of home at a time.


Below given are few tips and tricks which will help you free your living space from all the clutter:-

Detour First take your time, and walk through each room and corner of your house. Just observe which things are precious to you and which items you don’t use at all. This will help you differentiate which items are useful and which form a part of clutter.
Energy Check If at any point of time you find it hard to decide whether an item is useful to you or not, check whether retaining it feels uplift in your energy levels. Every object emits a certain vibration. Generally the objects good for us gives off a welcoming vibration.
Starting off Small After when you are clear in your decisions regarding what is useful to you and what not. Choose any small space in your home, for example your bathroom or your kitchen and remove the things you considered to be useless. As soon as you are done de-cluttering this small space you will feel a visible and considerable lightness in your energy and the energy of the house.
Sort and Organize To free your home entirely from the clutter, sort the objects properly and organize them as per their use. This will further help you in recognizing the things you don’t normally require but only were keeping it out of greed.
Bring Music in your Space Invite the healing effect of sound while you de-clutter your home. This way the emptied space will immediately be cleansed by positive vibration and full with positivity.
Do it Daily Everybody has a habit of accumulating things and this we do on daily basis. We pick up items anywhere that appeal to us but are of no real use to us. Therefore de-cluttering and throwing away useless items is necessary on daily basis. Additionally it helps easing the task when taken after a long time.


Clutter whether in material form or in non-material form creates energy blockage and holds people back. It blocks progress, positivity and healthy flow of abundance and higher uplifting energy. Unknown to people, each piece of useless and broken item holds an invisible string to its owner that bogs him down and dampens his spirit.

clutter free house


Hence one must get rid of physical and mental clutter from one’s living space and life. It is of utmost importance for one’s mental, physical as well as spiritual progress.

Why Do We Charge for Astrological Horoscope Readings?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

daily-horoscope-predictionThere goes one of the laws of universe that says – Balance is the key. Yes, truly balance is
the key in everything, from business to personal relationships, from external world to inner
world. There must be equal take to every give just like equal give to equal take. If you give
more than what you take, you will soon be exhausted. Similarly if you take more than what
you give, you are clearly exploiting.

The same principle applies to services. When we provide any kind service to the world, we
are entitled to receive in any kind. If we keep giving without receiving, we would end up
getting burn out.

Therefore we charge the minimum amount to our clients for providing astrological readings,
horoscope predictions or any other service that we offer. What will happen if we do not
charge our customers?

Case one: When you don’t pay for a thing you received, you will develop a
psychological impression of its insignificance and you will not understand its
importance. You will not take the urgency of the prediction revealed to you a serious
business. Ultimately our and your efforts will go for nothing.

Case two: Since we both disregarded the Universal law, and there has not been a
equal give and take, either one of us or both will end up feeling dissatisfied and
uninspired to go further on the desired path.

Astrological predictions regarding your life are deeply linked with the seer’s intuitive
capability, his sensitivity and creative abilities. We create for the sake of creating and for the
welfare of our customers. The process of giving and receiving are as natural as inhaling and
exhaling. Both are crucial for healthy being. When we resist either one of the processes then
it prevents the creativity from channelling outwards.

The energy of creativity, sensitivity or intuits is sacred, hence it is as important to approach it
with pure intention of helping others as important it is for others to regard it with a love based
giving act. Thus it benefits both the giver and receiver and brings enjoyment, inspiration and
healing to the customer through our products and services.

If you feel good and guided to ask for our services, then feel happy also to pay for it. On daily
base we receive too many e-mail requests for horoscope readings and queries regarding
varied blocks in life. Guys let’s understand that this is a balanced and sacred practice of
giving and receiving. Let’s honor the Universe by following its laws…

P.S. We provide full refund in case you are dissatisfied with our services and
products. What’s more, order your service here and email us your problems. 🙂 

Feng Shui Element: How to Know Your Personal Feng Shui Element

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Do you feel strongly attracted towards red color? Does brown help grounding you? Does blue sound pleasant to your uplifting mood? Then it’s very much possible that these colors support your personal energy. Often we are attracted to particular colors that support and nourish our personal energy. These very colors if chosen in wrong way can also dampen our mood and sour our spirit leaving us wondering what happened and what caused it.

So, how do you find which is the best color for you – in clothing accessories, your home decor and working space. This can be best done by learning about your personal Feng Shui element, by knowing about which elements support yours and which are absolutely no for you.

Feng Shui Elements

feng shui element

There are five elements in Feng Shui – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Each of these elements possesses predominant energy quality that can support you in various ways and nourish your life.

Your personal Feng Shui birth element is determined by the Feng Shui element of your birth year. However it is to be noted that we have all the five elements in our energy makeup; no one is all fire element or all water element. So it is important to understand how the different elements represent the different qualities in your nature and how they interact with you.

You should also be wise in pairing different elements together, because some elements are best never to be used together as they cut out on each other. A minor Feng Shui mistake can even cause hazards, know here what are those small mistakes.

For example, Fire Feng Shui element is nourished by Wood element however Wood element is not supported by Fire element. Similarly Water Feng Shui element is supportive to both Earth element and Wood element, but destroys the Fire element. So you should be prudent in using two Feng Shui element colors together.

At home we require all the five elements but in the right proportion and right location. Choosing the right Feng Shui element color for your home decor and personal accessories that goes along well with your personal Feng Shui birth element can prove very beneficial to you as it can help attracting the right cosmic energies to you.

So how do you know your personal Feng Shui birth element? It’s simply done through the below given Feng Shui Elements Chart. Just find your year of birth in one of the five columns depicting the various elements, also check the day of birth.

Remember that the Chinese New Year never starts on 1st January.

For example you were born on 30 Jan 1994, so your birth year will be 1993, not 1994, because Chinese Year 1994 started on 10 Feb. So you will be water element not wood.


Personal Feng Shui Birth Element Chart



In this way you can know about your personal Feng Shui element and use that element in home decor and home Vastu to support your personal energy. Learn here how to invite positive energy in your home and dispel negative energy.

How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home?

Reading Time: 6 minutes

What is Negative Energy?

Negative Energy! What does this term mean and what all this comprises? Negative energy is the energy that is simply not positive and productive.  It doesn’t consist of the emotions of love and leaches on inmates’ energy leaving them feeling confused, unbalanced and unhappy with life.

Your house can get infused with negative and dark energy due to various different reasons. Some people have negative auras because of their destructive thinking patterns, and when such people arrive in your home, they pollute the energy within. You may literally feel the bad energy left behind by them, swirling around in the space devouring the good vibes.

How to Cleanse Your Home off Negative Vibes?

So, what are the methods through which you can do space energy cleansing and remove the unwanted energies? We will explain that shortly.

A lot of these methods and techniques depend on the varied belief systems of people. If you are Christian and believe on using Holy Bible and holy water in order to expunge the unwanted energy, sure thing you can do that. Or if you are Hindu and prefer to read out aloud Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand to clear space, then also it’s all fine. A strong Faith and intention is all what is needed.

You will also want to know how to create positive aura in your home with the help of Feng Shui. Also read here the common Feng Shui mistakes that most people commit while doing so.

The methods and techniques described below belong to no religion, belief system or cult. Anybody can practice them as they are purely non-denominational.

Using Crystals in Absorbing Negative and Impure Energy


Crystals like Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian and Apache Tears are great at dissipating negative energies from your home. You can place a bowl full of these crystal pieces.

Energy enters and exits from the main entrance of a house. So, placing a few pieces of Black Obsidian near the entrance at each corner can be a good way to repel negative energy. Black Obsidian is a powerful, transformative crystal that repels negative or harmful energy.

Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz are other crystals that infuse the energy field with positive, loving energy. I have personally experienced the immense power of Rock crystal Quartz, as I keep a little Quartz pyramid in my study room.

This colorless crystal absorbs all the negative and lower vibes, and enhances concentration. However since it absorbs all dark energies keeping the space totally clean, it becomes often too heavy and loaded with non-positive energy and requires daily cleansing.

Using Sea Salt to Absorb Negative Energy

A lesser known but equally powerful method to absorb negative energy in a home is using sea salt. If you don’t get sea salt you can even use table salt. Simple put a fistful in a bowl and place it in the afflicted area. Change the salt daily and throw out the previous day salt onto the ground.

Rock Salt Lamps: Sourced from Indian Himalayan regions, Rock crystal lamps are natural ion generators. These crystals purify their surrounding atmosphere and enhance the positivity all around you. You can get the original Natural Himalayan Rock salt lamps right here. Light them up when you need a deep slumber or just require a responsive environment during your meditation.

The Ancient Art of Smudging


Smudging is an art of using herbs to cleanse the energy around the space. As the smoke disappear so does the negative energy. Burning Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedarwood are some of the popular and commonly used herbs for this practice.

You can use this rainbow Abalone Shell with wooden tripod to hold the smudging material. For added benefits you can use a feather to fan the smoke in the corners of your home where you feel the energy is dense.

Lighting Incense and Candles



If you don’t get herbs in your local area, you can also use incense or candles as another tool to clean your space off unwanted energy. Simply light a candle and few incense sticks and pray over it while holding an intention to clean your space.

Energy Clearing with Sound Vibration

Everything around us living or non living thing has a vibration; it vibrates at specific frequency. Even the peculiar structure of your home has a particular vibration to it.

Sound whether audible or not casts an impact upon all people and all matter, physically as well as emotionally :). Different sound frequencies affect the different parts of our body and so the different areas of our life.

When we use sound vibrations to clear the energy at our home, it brings an all around improvement in our physical being and mental being. The musical instruments used for energy clearing help dissipating the negative energy and transmuting it into loving, peaceful energy.

There are a lot more instruments used for this purpose, but we will talk here about three.

 Singing Bowls


Singing Bowls are well known for generating a spiral of cosmic energy and purifying the surrounding environment.

These bowls are made from seven metals namely, copper, tin, iron, lead, gold, silver and zinc. Tibetan singing bowls are also used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, chakra balancing, holistic healing and Reiki.

A mallet plate around the edge of the singing bowl produces a tone that further builds in volume and intensity, thus generating a transformative energy field.

Many people report that the rich blend of harmonic overtones produced by the bells have a healing affect upon their chakras.

Ancient Sanskrit Mantras


Ancient Sanskrit mantras are another great way to purify your home. As you play loud these strings, higher vibration thrums outward and reverberates throughout your body and mind and the space around you.

If you fancy significant mantras and chants accompanied with the tunes of flute, sitar and pakhawaj, go for this audio CD “Sacred Mantras of India” by White Swan Music. It contains important mantras from Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita.

I often let the CD play over the day or night, a couple of candles and incense sticks burning, and just within 1-2 hours, the entire home glows with pure cosmic vibrations.

If you find any particular area in your home feeling strongly negative, you can create a little altar over there and play the music and let the sound throb there for some time. Find our youtube link here to know more about the power of mantras.


Blowing Conch or “Shankh”


Although that requires immense practice and patience on your part, blowing conch or Shankh daily positively cleanses the vibration of atmosphere. The health benefits of blowing conch are also tremendous specifically for muscle strengthening.

Usually the Natural Triton Shell Horn designed for traditional blowing ceremonies are best for energy clearing. If you don’t wish to blow the conch, you can buy an audio CD and create a sacred energy clearing ritual at home.

Even if your home is cleansed off negative, unwanted energy, you could keep on using any of the above mentioned techniques. These methods infuse your living space with loving, peaceful and higher vibrations which directly impact the quality of your life.

A Word of Caution: Never close or seal the space where you feel the energy not feeling right. Instead open wide the area and try different methods to cleanse the energy. Stagnant or negative energy tend to grow worse or and denser with time. This might at times result in the birth of dark energy portals or energy vortex.

Space clearing rituals are always transformative on mind, body and soul level. It not only cleanses the space surrounding us, but also elevates our internal vibration, therefore bringing about a thorough healing. We wish to know your beautiful life experiences with the above mentioned methods. Should you have any question email us or post a comment below. 🙂



How to Create Positive Aura of Your Home?

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Have you ever entered a person’s home and instantly felt tired, drained or unhappy? On the contrary you entered somebody’s home and felt energized, happy and cheery. This instant brightening of mood and draining off of your energy indicates the type of energy field of the particular home. Have you noticed how few homes feel welcoming and happy? On the other side some homes feel too dull and sap your energy for no apparent reason.

Believe it or not; this is all about Vaastu. When the house is not created as per Vaastu or it has certain Vaastu Doshas (defects), the energy that the house emanates is also not good. The right architecture, the right use of directions attracts not only positive vibes but also provides mental peace and stress free life to the inmates.

Your home is your abode where you spend a large amount of time of your life. It is the place where you breathe in your dreams, where you find solace and where you rest and rejuvenate. This is why this place ought to have none other than positive aura.

Your home ambiance and environment moulds not only your course of life but also determines your mood, actions and thoughts. The place where you sleep influences your thoughts, dreams and subconscious. Therefore you must ensure that energy field or the aura of your home is positive and uplifting.

Here are few points that you must focus upon in order to create an attractive aura of your home:-

Bathroom Location

According to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, bathrooms and toilets must not be located right beneath the stairs. This can cause havoc on the health and prosperity of family members.

Wallpapers and Paintings

Most people, especially art lovers decorate their home interiors with aesthetic wallpapers and unique painting. However, you must choose paintings according to Vaastu Shastra. Dark colored and intense wallpapers often invoke negative vibration surroundings. Paintings that depict violence, wars, unhappiness and misfortune in any form are a strict no. Take notice of how when you gaze at a painting that shows sadness causes you a contemplative and gloomy mood.

feng shui colors-todayastrology

Store Rooms and Attics

A large number of homes have locked store rooms or attics. Such places are never good for the overall ambiance of your home. Any enclosed space where energy is not flowing creates an aura that is not auspicious. You can turn your store room into a reading room or just a relaxing place by placing your stored items into an order and adjusting a chair and reading table. Throw away any item which is no more of use to you and have good ventilation in these places.

Energy Fields inside the Plot

Every plot has its own energy and magnetic field. A solid wall around the plot creates a particular energy level and magnetic field that sustains inside the plot. If there is no compound wall you can miss out on the benefits of energy and magnetic fields or else these can be drained out. As per Vastu, the South and West side walls should be thick and firm. However build the compound wall in the North and East that is lesser thick and of lesser height.

Mirror Placement in House

Right mirror placement plays a significant role in creating positive energy fields in and around the home. Mirrors are considered as powerful tools in Vastu as they attract and repel both positive and negative energy on the basis of their placement. Before placing mirror in any spot in your home consult with a Vaastu expert.


Some people think it wise to place a mirror in front of a negative place as they believe this will repel the negative energy. Little do they know that the mirror will suck all the negative energy being emitted from the negative source. Unfortunately mirrors are also responsible for creating spiritual portals and dark holes in some homes and attracting negative entities in abode.

Feng Shui

Employ Feng Shui while decorating your house interior. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system used to harmonize the surroundings. You can use Feng Shui objects in order to beautify and harmonize the energy field inside your home. However you must take notice of these common Feng Shui mistakes and avoid them at any cost.

Main Entrance of House

The main entrance or main door of a house plays a significant role.  According to Vaastu principles the energy enters and exits through this point in your house. Therefore the entrance of a house has to be built as per Vastu rules so that positive energy is attracted and retained inside the home. Read here about Main Entrance Vaastu.

Stable Family Life

The emotions and mental condition of people affect the energy of the house they are living in. The energy field or the aura of a house describes how the inmates are living their lives. The happy aura of a house is the tell tale sign of a happy family whereas the dark and gloomy energy tells the saddening experiences people are going through. Happiness invites positive energy whereas pain and sadness creates negative energy.

The above mentioned points will help you create a basic foundation for the growth of positive energy field in and around your home. You should also regularly keep your abode clean off any negative residual energy in your house by burning sandalwood incense, sage etc.

Taurus Personality Traots: 9 Facts about Taurus Zodiac Sign

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Taurus people can be recognized instantly by their strong, silent attitude that exudes power. Conversation with them is usually one word monologue like “Nope”, “Yep”, “Yeah”, “Uhh”, “Oh” and so on. That is unless you know them too well! They speak deliberately just like their gait is so calculated.

Taureran personalities are solid and steady and nothing in the world can ever disturb their perfect tranquillity. If you try to persuade them, watch them stick out their chin obstinately! They are real stubborn creatures.

There is never a fragility of mind or superficiality of character about the May people. The look in their eyes though serene and sombre, but the hidden strength in them is enough to warn off idiots!

Just like the Bulls, Taurus is never worrisome and nervous. When things don’t go in his favour, he might brood or fall silent, but he never loses his calm. As stoic as Bull!

Taurus is strongly attracted to opposite sex but he takes romantic affairs with a passiveness.  You won’t ever realize if he has fallen for you. Taureans always expect their love interest to make the first move. Leave the rest on them. They are die hard romantics too!

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Taurus people are of earthy element and this makes them, desire to be as close to mother Earth as possible. They would always prefer to be warm and cosy in their home rather than go out and have fun. Unless it is a trip to countryside or mountains, he would prefer to be safely tucked away into his furry blanket in his sweet heaven like home.

Much is said about Taurean stubbornness, few people know about the ever increasing patience and strength that these Bulls possess. They are fiercely loyal and devoted to their families and even tolerate their idiosyncrasies.

Much like cancer, Taurus has a need for security too. They do well with money, as they slowly pile up their cash and stack it away safely for rainy days. These May people love prizing their possessions that provide them warmth. However they have wide pockets and large heart for friends and family.

Taurus people are sensual in their own way. They have a deep love for art and music; they admire beauty in their own gentle way. Music touches their soul and soothes their emotions. Many Taurerans have even beautiful voices and deep laughter.

Gemini: Know about Zodiac Sign, Horoscope, Characteristics & Traits

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What is Gemini?

The sign of Gemini belongs to the element of air and is ruled by planet Mercury which governs the planes of movement of ideas, writing and communication. Geminis always have this funny feeling that there is some twin of theirs missing out there, and so they are always in search of new friends, lovers or just people to talk to. There is so much childish innocence about these Twins people, that you could almost swept away by their intelligent talks and fun loving nature even before you have time to look their other sides.

Gemini Facts

Let’s know the 9 fun facts about the Geminians…  

When you are with a Gemini, just don’t forget that the Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and so there are two very distinct and stark sides to his changeable personality. Sure he is versatile accounting this factor. The mercurial changes of a Gemini’s expression are quite fascinating and memorable. A Gemini changes his mind pretty fast. That includes his job, love, clothes and residence.

A Gemini literally throbs with vibrant energy. The atmosphere they create wherever they go is electric. One can feel the excitement and curiosity in the air. There is a unique eagerness about them; one look on their face and in their eyes can tell so. Agility, intelligence, charm and lightness are the basic characteristics of Geminis duality.

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A monotonous life is like poison to the June people. They almost hate the daily senseless routine. The Twin requires exciting curiosity at all times reverberating around them.

The Gemini people have a mysterious deep seated desire to act absolutely contrary to what their true desires are. Almost all the typical Geminis have to hide their real motives just like Pisceans. You can never tell what a Gemini person truly thinks or want for the fact.



The perfect con artist, one can swear by the Gemini people that they are too excelled at fooling people with all their mental and physical agility. They can convince you even against your own better judgement. What’s more? You gonna love them for it. Such is the Twin’s charm!

Since they have too much nervous energy, Gemini people are most susceptible to insomnia as their mind at times completely refuses to stop and rest. It’s ironic that they can suffer nervous breakdown due to confinement and drudgery than mental restlessness.

A restless and unpredictable spirit, a Gemini man if one day could exhibit cheerful disposition and princely charm, then there is high probability that very soon he could turn up as impatient, sarcastic and critical. This is the man whose whims change with the wind and whose life directions can change drastically. Remember his dual action can conceal his true intent and if you can discover that you are in for bliss.

Conflicting ideas and conflicting thoughts – dualism is what the Gemini girl best personifies. Her imagination weaves some beautiful fantasies. A very lovely and gay companion, she sparkles with vivacity and can converse on almost any subject. While dating a Gemini girl you can be sure of discovering several women within her. She can be adorable, emotional, heartless, lovely and teary – all under one roof.

Many Geminis exhibit superficiality in their characters. They don’t wait enough to look deep within any person, instead judge them by the way they treat them. This can often leave a Gemini with wrong impression of people and ultimately problems in relationships. Rarely these twins will let you see how stress affects them. They want the world only to see them happy.

Congratulations if you have one Twin in your life. This social butterfly is very generous with their time and attention. You will never have a dull moment in life. Be careful not to pin them down. Let them be free.

MAHA SHIVRATRI Festival in India

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival that is widely celebrated in India, devoted to Lord Shiva. The word “Maha Shivratri” means “the great night of Lord Shiva”. As per the Hindu calendar, this holy festival is celebrated on new moon day in the month of Maagh. Maha Shivratri falls on 24-Feb-2017 of this month. Lord Shiva is one of the most important and venerated deity in Hinduism.

Legends associated with Maha Shivratri

There are numerous mythological legends that are associated with Maha Shivratri. One of the most popular legend states: Once upon a time there was a hunter who could not find any animal to kill and was desperate for food. So, he mounted a Woodapple tree in a forest and sat on its branch. Long time passed by; the night seemed like ages. To pass the time and to trap the deer, he absent-mindedly started throwing tree leaves on ground. Little did he know that all his leaves were falling upon a Shiva Linga that was just below the tree. The day was new moon; the fall of Woodapple leaves became symbolic of his (unknowing) veneration that pleased Lord Shiva. The deity manifested before the hunter and blessed him with wisdom that purified the hunter’s mind of all lower thoughts. Thus began the celebration of Maha Shivratri.
The most renowned Maha Shivratri celebrations take place in Ujjain, which is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Multiple processions carrying the idol of Lord Shiva are carried out all throughout the city. People march the streets hailing Lord shiva, dancing and merrying around. All night people celebrate in temples and they pour large quantity of milk upon Shiva Linga and sing bhajans in temple.

Maha Shivrarti Fast

In Hindu mythology, Shivaratri Fast is believed to be the most important fast for the devotees of Lord Shiva. It is stated in Shiva Purana (the holy scripture of Lord Shiva) that if a devotee observes fast on Maha Shivratri with the utmost sincerity, pure devotion and love, Lord Shiva blesses him or her.

Merits of Maha Shivratri Fast

According to Hindu mythology, the devotion of Shiva helps devotees conquer the two great natural forces that afflict human nature. They are tamas (inertia) and rajas (passion). He who is free from the fire of passion and poisoning inertia is in full control of himself. Rajas guna gives birth to anger, lust, jealousy and fear, whereas tamas guna gives birth to laziness, inactivity and helplessness. When a devotee surrenders himself to Lord Shiva and venerates him all night of Maha Shivratri with pure devotion and love, he is blessed by the deity and gradually brings about a balance within himself that conquers all evils of human nature.

What does Shiva Purana state?

The holy Hindu scripture Shiva Purana states that the boons of observing Maha Shivratri fast equals the boons of performing an Ashwamedha Yagna. The scripture also claims that devotees who transcend beyond this world while observing Maha Shivratri are absolved off all sins and are blessed with divine wisdom. Such devotees are also freed from the endless circle of birth and death. What could be the bigger boon than that to be freed from an endless winding circle of karma!

Customs and Traditions of Maha Shivratri Fast

There is a certain discipline that goes with observing Maha Shivratri though. It has been noticed by many wise men, tantra Sadhaks and devout devotees of Lord Shiva that over the past years there has been set a trend in the times of Maha Shivratri. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show rather than in quiet contemplation.
Maha Shivratri Facts

There are some startling facts linked with Maha Shivratri fast, how to observe this fast and what to abstain from. In this video our Expert Astrologer Rama Shankar Upadhyay ji talks about many such truths and gives suggestions on how to observe this holy fast so as to get blessings from Lord Shiva.

Om Namah Shivaya
May the Lord Shiva bless thy soul!

Quick Vastu Remedies for Vastu Dosh

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You can follow all the precautions and suggestions laid out by your Vastu expert when you are building your own house. But what when you are purchasing an already built house? It is unfortunate when the house is breath-taking but it is not constructed as per vastu plan, and thus incorporates several of Vastu blunders. Needless to emphasize that many of such mistakes can have deadly impact on you and your life including your family members.

This post is written keeping the troubles of such people in mind. If you too are one of them who couldn’t get chance of building your own house and hence had to purchase already constructed property, then you must have had noticed some irreparable Vastu Doshas. These doshas can destroy your finances, family harmony, and your luck and even cause deaths in family.

todayastrology is going to provide here quick fixes for Vastu defects. Please ensure that you follow these Vastu remedies under the guidance of a Vastu expert only.

A larger section of these remedies are for North East portion of your house. Also read here our articles on North facing houses and Main Entrance Vastu.

North East Washroom / Toilet

  • Place two Pyramid Yantras on South and West wall of washroom (Read about benefits of Yantras Here)
  • Hang one 18” x 24” mirror on either North or East wall.
  • Keep a small indoor green plant anywhere inside the toilet. Water it, it should not die.
  • Place a medium sized ceramic bowl filled with sea salt or normal salt. Change the salt often. You can also use camphor crystals.
  • Keep the washroom airy, hygienic and fragrant.

North East Kitchen

  • Place a Pyramid Yantra in Northeast corner of kitchen.
  • Never keep the kitchen dirty with unwashed utensils. Always keep it dry and clean.
  • Make sure the Northeast corner of kitchen is levelled in case it is raised.
  • Hang one 18” x 18” mirror on either North or East wall of kitchen.

North East Bedroom

  • Paint the bedroom walls white.
  • While sleeping keep your head in south direction.
  • Do not use red colour tapestry – carpet, curtains etc in the bedroom.
  • Hang one 18” x 18” mirror on either North or East wall of kitchen.
  • Place two Pyramid Yantras – one on each side of bed.
  • Completely de-clutter the bedroom. Keep it as much airy and open. No clutter!

North East Cut

  • North East Cut Adjoining Someone’s Property
  1. Don’t keep any storage item in this corner. Not even shoe rack.
  2. Hang one 18” x 24” mirror on North and East wall. ( Know what our astrologer experts says regarding Mirrors in house)
  3. Fix an aquarium nearby the cut.
  • North East Cut with Open Area without Entrance
  1. Hang one 18” x 24” plane mirror on North and East wall.
  2. Hang one medium size Crystal Ball on North and East wall
  3. Build a door or any window in Northeast portion.
  • North East Cut Due to Staircase
  1. Hang one concave Pakua mirror on entrance door.
  2. Hang one 12” x 24” plane mirror on East wall.
  3. Draw or place a holy symbol that depicts power for you, for example, Swastika, Om, Trishul, Pentagram etc, on main door.

Bedroom below the Kitchen

  • Do not place metal furniture in bedroom.
  • Avoid using red and orange in your bedroom’s interior décor.
  • Place a glass full with clear water atop the pyramid water charger, near bedside.

House facing T-junction

  • Place big green plants in front of house.
  • Hang a convex Pakua mirror in front of house facing the road.
  • Raise the boundary wall.
  • Place halogen lamps in front of house.

Electric Pole in front of house

  • Hang a convex Pakua mirror in front of the house facing the electric pole.
  • Place a Swastika or Om symbol in front the the house facing the pole.

Cooking Area and Sink lined in same row

  • Place a utensil rack or a green plant in between the two units.
  • In case of limited space, you can also create varying levels for the sink and cooking area.
  • Place one pyramid or mark one red line between these two units.

Hanging Beam on the ceiling

  • Hang two inverted wooden flutes at any one side of hanging beam – at 45° angle.
  • Avoid sleeping or even sitting at all under any type of hanging beam.
  • Build a false ceiling to hide the beam
  • In case the beam is solid and thick, place two pyramids on both sides of beam.

Mirror facing the bed

  • Image of the sleeping person should not fall in the mirror.
  • Always cover the surface of the mirror, also cover the electric devices – computer monitors, TV, any glass painting etc.
  • The ideal location of mirrors is Northern and Eastern walls.

Three consecutive doors in one row

  • Hang wind chime on middle door. Also hang one crystal ball on rear door.
  • Keep the middle door closed, if possible for all times.
  • Place 1” yellow colored strip below the last door.


“The divine holds the unlimited potential to heal and uplift any dark area. Fill your home with divine positive energy and your life shall be healed and enlightened…”

7 Worst Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid

Reading Time: 5 minutes


Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system used to harmonize the surroundings. One of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics, it is closely linked to Taosim. Feng Shui is widely used to orient the buildings and spiritually significant structures. These days this practice has gained momentum and people are employing the Feng Shui objects to beautify and harmonize their homes.

“Chi” or “Energy” is the basis of this now widely practiced system. The importance of positive energy flow has already been depicted and emphasized upon strongly in Vaastu Shastra. As you can see in many of our Vaastu Shastra articles, there is a specific place of each of the five elements – fire, water, earth, ether and air.

As per Feng Shui your surroundings must be vibrant, personalized and lit up with positivity so as to invite great abundance, love, happiness and good health.

However in an effort to attract positive chi, you might commit a teeny meeny mistake that could horribly disturb the harmonious Chi flow and create a serious imbalance of universal energy.

Here, we are going to introduce some of the most common mistakes that people often commit without realizing what went wrong while decorating the interiors.

1.  Feng Shui Waterfall Direction


Disturbing the Water Element- You must have seen those beautiful dragon water-fall miniatures that are placed to promote the water element. It is good to place Water element in your home as that draws wealth-building and abundance-creating Chi. However you can not place this element just anywhere in your home.

There is a common misconception that this element also promotes love energy. Hence some people place the water element (a water fall, painting or photograph depicting water in motion etc) in bedroom. There you commit the biggest mistake. As it could instantly water down the romance in relationship and proves to be disastrous for a married couple.


You must remember that water attracts very powerful Chi and sets the otherwise stale energy into motion.


2. Feng Shui Water Element

Incorporating Wrong Elements- Another serious blunder is placing elements in wrong directions. Before adding any element in any corner of your home, you must consult the flying stars or Vastu chart. For example, Fire element resides in south direction. If you burn candles or place a Feng shui fire element depicting symbol, you just might be adding fuels to the already existing fire element in that particular sector.

Never forget that energy always flows and the over indulgence of any particular element might disrupt the otherwise calm energy in your home.


You can listen in this Vastu video  the importance of elements in their domains.


3. Bad Feng Shui House Location

Dark Hallways and Entrances – Extremely No! – Unless you want to create a really sad and terrifying aura in your home do not ever make implicating dark foyer and hallway entrance to your home. These dark pathways attract only negative and not-so-good energy. All you need is a light, bright, open and positive entrance towards your home.

Read here all about Vastu tips for home entrance.


feng shui mirror-todayastrology


4. Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door

Wrong Placement of Mirrors- It is said that mirror bounces off the negative energy coming towards us, and that it is a wonderful cure for getting rid of negative Chi. Hence many people place a mirror directly across from the front door because they are only saying good bye to negative vibes.

However they are doing exactly the opposite. This is one of the worst mistakes and thus they are saying good bye to all the positive energy and giving invitation to negative energy to flow into house.

Our astrologer Ramashankar Upadhyay ji explains the importance of mirrors and their right placement in this video




5.  Feng Shui Don’ts for Bedroom

Inauspicious Bed Placement- While some call it good to place your bed directly across from the door, but in fact experts call it a “coffin position”! In case your bedroom is such designed, hang a crystal ball between bed and door. Best solution is to re-adjust the bed placement.

Also the placement of bed in the corner, tucked against a wall is not advisable. While we sleep, there must be a positive energy circulation, so that we wake up feeling positive and rejuvenated and end up feeling depressed and not well rested. Bed in corner position leaves the person sleeping in it often feeling vulnerable in life.


feng shui colors-todayastrology


6.  Feng Shui Colors for Living Room

Colors and Elements- It is said in Feng Shui as well as Vaastu that colors correspond to their linked elements. Colors when added to particular areas of your home helps activating the linked elements. However, make sure that in the finality only the real element can enhance the element energy flow. For example, using only the brown hues in your living room instead of adding real wooden furniture might not enhance the wood element.


feng shi home-todayastrology


7.  Feng Shui Rules house

Live like a Minimalistic and you will be fine.

A House Looking like a Feng Shui Store- The key to make your home blooming with beautiful and balanced energy flow is to keep particular Feng Shui item in specified sector of your house. At the same time don’t go all lavish by adding Feng shui interior decorative objects anywhere you deem fit.  You might end up stuffing your home with too much Feng Shui cures and completely disrupting the open energy flow. So, go the minimalistic way! Better is to seek out Feng Shui expert’s advice.

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