Astrology Remedies to cure Depression


Astrology & Depression

Depression in today’s world has become a very common problem. It exists across different age groups. Let’s understand first – what is depression. It is a state of mind in which a person does not feel good and happy; despite having everything in life feelings of aloofness, disappointment and discontentment abound. The problem of depression is widely spread among people and yet this is the most misunderstood concept too.

Many astrology experts suggest that the tendency of suffering from depression can be easily found in an individual’s horoscope. According to Vedic Astrology, Moon plays a very significant role in governing our emotions. As per astrological science, ‘Mind’ is represented by the planet Moon. Combination of Moon with other planets can cause mental illness. For example, Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu may lead to depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can often cause a mental imbalance. Owing to the specific position of planets and stars in one’s astrological chart, the person may suffer from weakness of mind or willpower and that often and very easily leads to mental breakdown and depression.

What is Depression?

One must understand that depression is NOT when you feel slightly stressed out, angry, disappointed or lonely. These down feelings might come and go at any point of time. Whereas depression is a persistent state of mind where one is just unable to feel hope and happiness no matter what situations are there in one’s life. Depression is anti-life. It presents existential crisis. A depressed person gradually loses all interest in living life and all his thoughts circle around the pointlessness of human existence, ultimately leading to suicide.

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Signs of Depression

Depression starts gradually. This state of mind slowly starts building up paving path to completely damaged state of mind. Most individuals choose to ignore the early signs of depression because many simply do not know the symptoms of Depression.

Following is the list of early signs of Depression:

  1. Feeling sad and unhappy
  2. Vicious cycle of feelings like emptiness, hopelessness and unworthiness
  3. Recurring negative moods like restlessness, anxiety, depressed, anger and even rage
  4. Haunting thoughts of death and suicide
  5. Insomnia or inappropriate sleep cycles
  6. Repetitive nightmares
  7. Headache or other unexplainable physical aches.
  8. Digestive problems (mostly due to insomnia)
  9. Sudden weight loss and loss of appetite
  10. Inability to think rationally, concentrate or take decisions

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With increasing time, these symptoms become more frequent and intense. Result is insanity and suicide.

Astrological Depression Indicators

When Moon comes in conjunction with Saturn, it creates mental rift and tension. Saturn is the planet of fear and limitation. It brings a sense of aloofness to the bearer. Whereas Moon stands for peace of mind and craves mental happiness, Saturn creates such situation in life that causes you to loose peace of mind and mental balance. Therefore the Saturn and Moon combination brings feelings of emotional heaviness; it makes one’s mind dull and devoid of lightness.

Apart from Saturn, Ketu is the key indicator of depression. When Moon is sitting in conjunction with Ketu, this may give rise to mental imbalance and depressive state of mind. Ketu is the south node of the Moon. Ketu represents our subconscious realm. It is the headless body that stands for spirituality, nothingness and complete diversion from materialistic tendencies. Moon sitting in conjunction with planets in sixth, eighth and twelfth house makes an individual more prone to frequent low moods and depression.

Another indicator for depression in one’s chart is specific Nakshatras where Moon is not happy. For example, Ashlesha nakshatra. This nakshatra falls in Moon’s own sign Cancer and creates mental and emotional turbulence. Another Nakshatra is Vishakha Nakshatra which causes jealousy and envy in a person leading to loss of mental peace.

Astrological Remedies to cure Depression

In order to cure depression, it is of utmost importance that your Moon should be balanced. Since Moon represents our emotions it is imperative that Moon should be happy in its position. These are the following astrological remedies that will help you combat depression.

  1. If the moon is badly situated in the 6th, 8th and 12th house of your horoscope, then you can wear any pearl ornament like a ring, bracelet or locket. Wearing pearl ornament proves beneficial in negating the negative impact of the moon on one’s mental wellbeing.
  2. As per Vastu Shastra, Lord Shiva is associated to planet Moon. People suffering from Depression must chant Shiva mantra – Om Namah Shivay – regularly. This will bring calmness and stability to mind.
  3. Worshipping Lord Shiva by offering water daily to Shiva Linga will also help in balancing mental energies and bring peace to mind.
  4. Wear silver ornaments in order to reduce malefic impact of Moon in one’s horoscope. You can also wear a pearl ring or bracelet cast in silver.
  5. Moon also represents water element, since water element also stands for person’s emotions. Drinking water in silver glass will help in strengthening the position of Moon in one’s horoscope.
  6. Moon signifies Mother in our horoscope. So take your Mother’s blessings and serve your mother with love. It will further strengthen your Moon.
  7. Free flow of emotions and open communication help in keeping mental balance and peace of mind. Feelings of love and compassion can abound only when you stop harboring ill will and negative feelings towards others. Wishing others ill is a negative karma that only begets you heavy negative karmic repercussions.

If you or anyone in your life is experiencing depression symptoms, do consider consulting with an astrologer. There are depression helpline numbers also that you can call on and share your concerns.

Depression is a very difficult path to tread upon. If you find anyone around you going through depression, help that person ease through this dark phase of life.

Be the Light to someone’s Darkness!