Aries: What will the new year 2020 bring to you? Aries Horoscope 2020


Dear Areins, the new year 2020 is going to herald good times. Great success in all the aspects of your life await you. In the coming year 2020, Moon occupies your 11th house. Moon benefits you in terms of finance; it also showers you with happiness and sweet emotions.

Mars is your ruling sign, which is placed in 8th house that dictates health & lifestyle. If you have been wondering on starting a healthy lifestyle routine, or practice sports or yoga, this is the right time to set forth your plans.

Saturn occupies your 10th house and will reward you for your hard work. Beware though: Saturn doles out harsh punishments on wrong doings. So make sure not to do anything wrong or wrong anybody. 

In 2020 Saturn is going to reward you for all your hard work. Delays will be over. Saturn also empowers your intuition. So, follow your intuition and work forward on your past projects.

Your 9th house is occupied by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu. This auspicious combination of planets is going to increase your fortune manifold. 2020 will be your prosperous year that will bring to you prosperity and happiness.

In 2020, Rahu occupies your 3rd house and stays there for 9 months. Your overseas trip plans will succeed and business will flourish. People in fields of science, vastu, real estate, research and hospitality will benefit hugely during this period.

On 23rd September, Rahu enters your 2nd house. Rahu always causes fights, conflicts, misunderstandings and controversies. During this period, you might face conflict or misunderstanding in your family life. However, you will reap benefits in terms of finances. At the same time of Rahu’s entrance in your 2nd house, Ketu enters in your 8th house. Ketu too will benefit you in terms of finances.

On September’s end, Saturn turns progressive and things will ease up at work. Delayed projects will find finishing line.

On 11th November, Jupiter transits to Capricorn. Since Saturn already occupies Capricorn, this transit will prove to be very beneficial for you. New Career opportunity will arise. Growth in terms of finance will take place.

Around 24th January, Saturn enters Capricorn and this can complicate the relationship balance between you and your father. You may face some issues at work. Things might get heated, therefore try your best to avoid falling into controversies. With Saturn, your reputation at work is in danger. 

On 11th May, Saturn turns retrograde and causes sudden, unexpected changes at workplace. Your father’s health might also get afflicted.

On 14th May, Jupiter goes retrograde. However Jupiter being a positive planet brings beneficial effects to you. Your projects and other works will bring positive results. Family troubles will smoothen out.