Are Curses Real? – Part 2

are curses real

are curses real

In the first part of this article we discussed the origin and the reality of curses. We found out what the curses actually are. Later on in this article we explained to our readers how the curses work into our lives. Find out more; read the first part of this article series here.

In this second write up of our Curses-series, we are going to discuss about the signs and symptoms of curses. This article offers you the list of very common but dark incidents that signal towards the truth – you are being cursed!

However the actual symptoms are not limited only to the below mentioned list. You must at all times foremost rely on your own intuition that warns you about any impending dangers in life.

Are you Cursed?

We are sure that at some point in life, you must have stood back and helplessly observed your entire life falling apart and the old structures crumbling down around you. Then someone mentioned curses, and you quipped – oh man, that’s just crazy talk. However the question just kept lingering in the back of your mind – could I be cursed?

Curses occur whether intentionally or unintentionally, when someone upset with you or simply envious of you channels negative energy toward your way. This energy then manifests in your life in most terrible ways.

Curses can call on pure misfortune in your life that can range from failure in career, disruptions in love life to the extent of actual physical harm done to you. The burden of a curse is determined by the density of negative energy channelled towards you. In case it is pure evil directed towards you, then such curses can last even beyond life and it follows you to your next incarnation.

Cursing is an act of manipulating someone’s Free Will. This is a serious divine offence – violation of highest spiritual Law. Such a sin committed by a person brings down instantly that person’s spiritual vibration. Apart from that it comes with heavy karmic implications. No matter the cursed one suffers, but it also soils the cursing person all the more. It lowers your personal energy and darkens your mind even further.

Needless to say, getting cursed is something that you want to avoid. However, there are times when you can inadvertently receive the wrath of another person’s curse. In this case, the spell can be broken if a genuine apology is offered, for it in many times lightens the resentment built up in someone’s heart and paves way for forgiveness.

In case if you realize that you’ve been cursed, you must seek the help of someone who can help you remove the hex.

Well to help you out, we have formed here the list of 10 tell-tale signs that tells loud and clear that yes, you have definitely been cursed:

Appearance of strange objects and symbols in your home

For the enactment of a curse, it is important to establish some form of contact with the target person. Very often the person will leave an artefact or a talisman at your home to mark you and your territory, before or after conducting a cursing ritual.

At other times weird signs or symbols can appear on its own for these are marks of negative or evil energy. When such things appear start with smudging your space, and call a person specialized in recognizing and getting rid of curses.

Negative impact on pets and plants

Presence of negative energy in homes affect plants and pets the most. It has been found out that several people who had been in past attacked psychically had their fishes dead in aquarium for no reason and their plants dried up all of a sudden. Dogs and cats also behave very strangely like staring at dark corners, getting frightened or acting disturbed. Also animals in your affinity can act weird or violent. Watch out for such unusual behaviour.

Experiencing random physical pain

When a curse or a psychic attack is channelled towards you, it interacts with your energy matrix that makes you experience inexplicable and intense physical pain that comes suddenly out of nowhere and disappears just as suddenly. This pain acts as warning from your aura when something negative or evil hits it.

Such piercing, intense and unexplainable pain is often a good indicator that you are being attacked psychically or a curse is being channelled your way.

It’s always recommended though to get examined first by a medical professional before ruling a curse as the cause.

Along with it, monitor the pain carefully as in – when did it begun? Also note the lunar cycle – was it on waning moon or full moon. Keep a log regarding the occurrence and the frequency of the pain. Besides take steps to cleanse your aura and shielding yourself energetically.

Sudden changes in physical appearance

Curses and spells are composed of totally dark energy, that starts first consuming all the positive energy that you have in your aura. This take a huge toll on physical health. Within no time the person that is cursed starts looking fatigued with sallow skin, sunken eyes and a dark haunted look on face.

A noticeable change in sleeping pattern and intense mood swings soon ensues prolonged depressive phases. You start to become mentally imbalanced. The entire personality of the person soon becomes eclipsed!

Your protective amulets break

If you keep protective crystals or amulets at home or office and in case they break or crack, it signals that these protective stones have taken the full brunt of a very strong force of negative energy. A broken or crack crystal or amulet holds no more power to protect you. In such case you must get a new crystal or amulet, energise it and place it all time near you.


Even if you are not consciously aware of any negative energy lurking around you, your subconscious or your soul knows better. That is the reason when a person is cursed, he or she starts getting very distinctive nightmares as if carrying pieces of a puzzle. If you are intuitive or very sensitive to energy, you might get very dark or symbolic dreams even revealing you the person who is behind the curse and the reason too behind it.

People who have been cursed often find themselves jolted awake in the dead of the night. It is followed by a very eerie feeling that somebody or something is watching them.

Keep a log regarding all kinds of dreams – many will be symbolic or prophetic. After some time you will be able to see sense or symmetry in all those hazy pictures.

Getting random fingerprints or marks on body

Though misinterpreted, this is also one of the many common signs of being cursed. When negative or evil energy starts becoming dense or more concentrated around its target person, it starts attacking and the attacks begin manifesting in physical dimension too. For example, getting finger marks or other bruises on parts of body.

For example, our one client reported several bruise marks (bluish in colour) on hands, arms, stomach, thighs and in many instances, on back. These marks often were followed by nights of violent or terrific nightmares.

Missing objects or photos or missing clothing item

Old photos often possess auric energy inside them and pose strong link to the photographed person or even the place. People who are clairsentience can easily trace this energy and cast negative energy towards you. Also the objects like some piece of clothing (undergarments mostly) or accessories that you wear for most of the time (ring, pendant, anklet, bracelet or watch) possess strong auric imprints – all these things can be used in curse casting rituals.

If such things go missing in your home, and you are unable to find them again, then it may be a case of curse.

Encountering dark omens

When a person is cursed, he is surrounded by  thick negative energy. Trees, plants or animals start acting weird, falling sick or dying out of no reason.

Apart from this, coming across omens is another common thing to face for a cursed person. For example: dead birds, dead insects, foul smell around you, dark egg yolk or even bloody egg, dead beetles.

In such cases, keep journal and write down everything that you notice unusual. Learn aura cleansing and energy shielding tactics. Take help from a psychic person or anyone expert in breaking curses.

Getting dark visions

This one is quite common among the people who have had been cursed. When a person is cursed, he starts getting visions, showing either what could go extremely bad in the present time. These disturbing visions are actually warning signals sent by subconscious or the Soul trying to warn the person against impending doom.

Often the negative entity also uses dark or very violent visions to threaten their target humans. This is their tactic to isolate and zoom in on their target person.

In case you find few to most of the symptoms coming up in your life, apart from your life going down, there is a higher probability that you are the target of negative energy or evil eye or a strong curse/hex. In such case, make sure not to delay any further as these things have a way of getting uglier or more out of control. Before such an evil energy makes an entire grip on you and your life, seek out the help of psychic person or hex breaker.

We would recommend though that there is no need to be afraid of these things. Fear is the biggest food and energy propeller for these things. Fear provides the curses bigger than the life picture. Pray for divine intervention.

There are several cases how people who have been cursed find no one in their family and friends circle who trust on them, or believe what they are saying. They perceive everything to be normal, while the target is going through horrible and dreadful moment. But you should not be discouraged by this, since isolating you and breaking your confidence and hope for life is the first goal of this negative energy. Seek company in divine. Seek out God for He/She will never forsake you. Have faith! This is not the end yet, keep fighting. God is just walking by your side; only that you can’t see Him…

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