Aquarius – What does the year 2020 has in store for you? Aquarius Horoscope 2020

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The ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn. This year 2020, Saturn occupies your 11th House – the place of profit. 2020 will be a year of financial growth. Venus occupies your 12th House. You will get fruitful results at works related with finances. Since the Lord of workhouse is present in zodiac; you will reap extremely beneficial results in terms of work, new business and new job.

Year 2020, Mercury along with Sun will bless you with fame, good result in education, happiness in relationships and good health of your children.

On 24th January, Saturn occupies your 12th House. You will face increased expenses and mental distress. You will face physical problems that will cause extra expenses.

On 21st May, Saturn goes retrograde that will intensify the problems. Even if you will be facing problems, you will get strength to go through them. Saturn blesses you with strength and courage to face these difficult times and learn your life lessons.

Jupiter in 2002

On 30st  March, Jupiter enters your 12th House. You might take wrong decisions or be a little overconfident with the things going in life. Be careful regarding investing your money. Take long time for contemplation before coming on a decision.

Jupiter turns retrograde on 14th May. This will bring benefits to you. Your previous plans will succeed. On 30th June, Jupiter returns to Sagittarius. Delayed or incomplete work will see finishing line. You will reap benefits from ancestral property. But the conjugation of Jupiter-Ketu also mnight create property related disputes. Discretion is highly required in matters of property.

On 13th September, Jupiter turns progressive. You might need to go on small trips related to business. You will find ways to re-work on stuck plans or delayed projects.

On 20th November, Jupiter returns to Capricorn. You will reap benefits in terms of education and property. Enemies will get subdued.

Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in 2020

Rahu changes House and moves into your 4th House on 23rd September. This period might affect your mother’s health. If your home-renovation work is in pending, you will carve time to continue with the work. This is good time to buy vehicle.

 On 29th September, Saturn turns progressive. This will reduce your problems and your expenses will come under control. You might see change coming up at work front.

Ketu is taking up the place of karma. You will be blessed with success in your work – in terms of money or position. A new job with attractive package might be on its way to you.