9 of Swords: Daily Tarot Card Reading

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9 of Swords:

This may a time in your life when negative thoughts are gaining momentum, you are perhaps spending too much energy worrying about the future.🙄🌛 Remember that perception is everything, so don’t allow negative self talk take space in your mind🙅 You might be imagining the worst instead of activating the best. Send positive, nurturing and loving thoughts to your situation to overcome any disturbing thoughts. 🤗🌼🌞

🧚The Strength card:

Focus and bring your concentration on your inner strength. The great fortitude in your calm heart. 🧘It’s time to exert your graceful influence in the situation.🌼 This card reminds you to stand strong in your beliefs and desires😊. Remain steady and bring compassion in the situation. Focus on the purity of your heart!🌞

🧚The Hermit card: I

t’s time to make space for your sacred aloneness and self care💕. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your spiritual self, this time of solitary withdrawal will help you connect with your own internal compass. You will gain deep inner wisdom. 🧘

🧚9 of Cups:

This is a card of abundance and happiness. 🤗It brings an auspicious message of prosperity, harmony and getting what you desire. What you’ve been working toward is going to manifest in your life. 🎉Remember to practice gratitude for the manifestation of your dreams.💖