Get rid of extra baggage and listen to your intuition!

Card one-

Release extra obligations and responsibilities that you have been dragging along. Things could go a whole lot faster if you enlist some help. Drop anything extra that is burdening you. You are close to success, yet with all these burdens pulling you down, it’s draining on your energy and time.
Consider prioritizing and streamlining your tasks.
This card also signals towards letting go of learned behaviors or limiting beliefs. Whether your burdens are material, spiritual or energetic, it’s clear that you have got major extra baggage right now. Release them and enjoy your steps to your dreams.

Card Two

It’s time to walk away from what no longer serves you. Choose yourself and walk towards realizing your sacred dream. Untether any anchors that are holding you back. Your disillusioned or disappointed heart might want some self love treatment. Re-align your path by shedding outgrown hopes, expectations, people, ideas, beliefs or ways of being. Go in the direction of happiness, peace and greater meaning.

Card Three

You are into the state of heightened awareness. Your intuition is growing stronger day by day. Pay attention to the dreams these days. Journal them. You are getting deep spiritual insights and downloads through your dreams.

Focus on self love and cultivate daily self care schedule to encourage your intuition to grow stronger.
Pay attention to synchronicity and any nagging feelings of being off track