• October 22, 2019

Aquarius – The Water bearer & The Humanitarian of Zodiac Knowing Aquarians and Aquarius Personality Traits

About Aquarius Sign Born between January 21st and February 19th, Aquarius belong to the Air element of the zodiac (along with Gemini and Libra). Air signs are generally characterised as being analytical, objective, clever and bit cold.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs technology, innovation, change depicting surprising events, sudden loss and…

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  • October 18, 2019

Cancer Personality Traits.Understanding the Mystery of Cancerians – The Secret Keeper of Zodiac

Born between June 21 and July 22, the Zodiac sign of Cancer belongs to the Water element. Being an water element, Cancerians are extremely emotional and intense people. They are also very intuitive and compassionate. Their intuition and the truths they learn from deep inside of their system is almost always spot-on. They understand how…

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  • October 11, 2019

Vastu Main Entrance Diwali Decoration Easy Guide How to decorate your Main Entrance on Diwali Festival.

Diwali is the famous Hindu Festival of Lights, that is celebrated exactly 20 days after ‘Dussehra’ on the dark night of ‘Amavasya’ of the Kartika month. It comprises of two main festivals – ‘Dhanteras’ and ‘Naraka Chaturdasi’ (‘Chhotti Diwali’), celebrated before Diwali and two others – ‘Govardhan Puja’ and ‘Bhaiya Duj’ celebrated after Diwali. Since…

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Vastu Cleaning Tips on Diwali Festival Significance of De-cluttering and cleaning the home

Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role in keeping balance among the elements in any space. This ensures that there remain only positive energies inside our home. However, during festivals like Diwali, the Vastu of entire home must be carefully taken care of. Any Vastu Dosh in this occasion can multiply the harm usually caused at…

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virgo- personality- Traits
  • October 8, 2019

Understanding Virgo – The Perfectionists of Zodiac.Virgo Personality Traits and Characteristics

Virgo is the sixth of the zodiac sign. Being an Earth sign, Virgos are powerful personalities. They are the people with complex nature that strongly desire to love and also be loved. Born between August 23 – September 22, these figures of Perfectionism are well known for their deeply nurturing and rule-abiding behaviour. Since Virgos…

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