12 November Online Tarot Card Reading


Six of Earth

Abundance is on the way. The universe loves a grateful heart and rewards gratitude with more abundance. 👼🌼

You may be the recipient of this bounty, or you may be the giver. 💞

Gifts may be monetary or take some other form, such as opportunities, valuable advice and so on.🤗
New career opportunities present themselves.🤠

Promotion, bonus and other financial rewards are all possible.🙇
For some of you, receiving a loan might get quite possible. 💸

Seven of Earth:🧚

All your efforts and hardwork is going to bring you good results soon. Patience is required and a pause before you plan your next steps. 💞

Also look at how far you’ve come in life. Acknowledge your progress. Any anxiety regarding the current situation is unfounded.💞

Delays occurring are only temporary. It’s a good time to go on vacation and rest to recharge your batteries.
Also consider a new approach towards the situation.🌼